Alphabet Soup: MaaS, mBaaS, and MAaaS Cloud the Mobile Cloud and We Are Here to Clear the Air

February 4, 2014

It has only been 10 years or so since the term and the technology platform know as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) emerged as the first defined cloud service line. Oh, how we long for those days before the mass iterations of the concept gave us aaS’s that we could have never imagined. We’re big believers, here at Proxomo, in the incredible power and opportunity presented by mobile platforms. I mean, we created an entire company to focus on creating mobile enterprise apps that make life infinitely easier for businesses of all sizes. So, we are not going to make a big deal... more

Making Food Safer with Mobile Apps

January 20, 2014

Food safety among quick-service-restaurant (QSR), fast/casual, and fine dining chains continues to be a challenge to manage and to comply with federal regulations. Even with all the advances in technology, many kitchens have not embraced the state-of-the-art process solutions to minimize the incidences of food-borne illnesses. In fact, according to, 48 million Americans get sick with food poisoning each year and 3,000 people die. With that kind of risk and exposure, it is easy to make the case for mobile apps and mobile monitoring technology to bring always-on, real-time monitoring and reporting to the food service industry. The food... more

Proxomo In The News!!!

January 9, 2014

By HANAH CHO Staff Writer Published: 08 January 2014 08:42 PM Updated: 08 January 2014 08:42 PM If you boil down Arlington-based Callahan Roach’s business, it is a niche publishing company for trade industries. For more than two decades, the firm has produced customized pricing manuals for heating and air conditioning, pool and plumbing business owners. Now Callahan Roach president Mike Hajduk is tying the small firm’s future to providing digital services. He hired the Dallas-based mobile solutions and development startup Proxomo to help make the switch. “It is absolutely essential that we make this transition,” Hajduk said. “It’s... more

Mobile Drives Real-Time Restaurant Analytics

January 6, 2014

Nothing challenges and frustrates the owners and management of a business more than not knowing what is going on in a timely manner. In our increasingly connected world, the notion of “timely” more often means “real-time”, so that decisions can be made to positively impact operations at both the store/restaurant level and at corporate. This applies to both quickly taking advantage of opportunities for operational efficiencies as well as addressing new market opportunities in real-time. For QSR and fast/casual enterprises, the types of questions that emerge on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis, and need to be met with near real-time... more

Proxomo in the Dallas Business Journal!!

October 13, 2013

Dave & Busters partners with Dallas startup for operations app Dave & Buster’s use mini-iPads to run Proxomo’s software. The software includes checklists that require photos of the job being completed. Danielle Abril Staff Writer- Dallas Business Journal Email | LinkedIn | Twitter | Google+ Dave & Busters recently selected Dallas startup Proxomo Software Inc. for a back-of-the store management system that it will implement in 65 locations. The Mobile Restaurant Management application is expected to help Dallas-based Dave & Buster’s cut operational costs and streamline readiness reports, store audits, incident reports, compliance and training. “We developed the software over... more

Taco Bueno Partners with Proxomo Software to Enhance Restaurant Processes and Efficiencies Through the Use of A Mobile Solution

October 13, 2013

Dallas, TX, October 11, 2013: Taco Bueno, a 178 unit Dallas, Texas based fast casual Mexican restaurant chain, has completed a project with Proxomo Software to enhance their store processes and increase efficiencies through the use of an iPad based mobile solution. The new mobile application, developed for use by Taco Bueno store managers, required a year of development, testing and fine-tuning in the field. Taco Bueno can now better track food, safety, and training compliance and deliver real time store analytics to help make more timely and insightful operational and inventory decisions. The “Bueno Way” gives General Managers the... more

Dave & Buster’s Selects Proxomo Software to Enhance Restaurant Processes and Reporting Using Mobile Solution

October 9, 2013

Dave & Buster’s Selects Proxomo Software to Enhance Restaurant Processes and Reporting Using Mobile Solution Dallas, TX, October 9, 2013: Dave & Buster’s, a leading dining and entertainment chain with 65 locations across the United States, has selected Proxomo Software, Inc.’s Mobile Restaurant Management app to support broad-based operations and reporting improvements across the company’s retail sites. The Proxomo solution will support Dave & Buster’s by delivering operational process efficiencies and enhanced reporting as the company continues to expand across North America. The Mobile Restaurant Management app allows managers to more easily conduct readiness reports, store audits, incident reports, food... more

Tablets Becoming the Dominant Force in Mobile Apps

September 26, 2013

As the smartphone market becomes saturated at the high end, where the iPhone primarily competes, growth in tablets will increasingly become the driving force for smart device manufacturers and the app developers that create much of the pull towards those technology platforms. Sales of iPads in Q1 2013 were 65% higher than Q1 2012 while iPhone growth year-over-year was only 7%. iPhones still had double the unit sales of iPads during the quarter, but the pace of the migration towards tablets cannot be denied. Should this trend continues, the iPad will eclipse the iPhone as the company’s best-selling product by... more

Going Mobile, Enterprise-Style: How inexorable is the march of mobile technology towards global domination?

June 6, 2013

How inexorable is the march of mobile technology towards global domination? It appears that, after a just a few short years of smart phone mania, that die is cast and enterprises had better start addressing the challenge of managing mobility within, without, and across their organization. Enterprise mobility represents the ability of the enterprise to connect to people and control assets from any location.  Most enterprises have been forced to address mobility and mobile applications but have generally done so as a reactive series of one-offs that lack any integration or coordination.  The IT organization continues to own security and... more

Empowering Business Enterprise Through Mobile Applications

May 30, 2013

                         Mobile apps are well known from a business to consumer point of view; however the trend of having business to employee apps is growing rapidly. Perhaps the lag in this transition, or the adopting of this technology from the business enterprise is due to the history of mobile devices. Not too long ago, many of us were pioneers carrying PDA’s (Personal Device Assistants) and using them to sync e-mails and calendars, but having very limited access to the read data to conduct business on the fly. Today as... more